Best Reviewed and Highly Rated Restaurant in Isla Verde, San Juan Puerto.

Recently Hotties launched several new specials, coupons, deals and offers on our new website for couples, huge discounts for people in the hospitality industry and free shows, entertainment and live bands every week. All of the reviews we received stated “Hotties is the best restaurant in San Juan”, “favorite restaurant in Puerto Rico while on vacation” “the best service and high quality food” and these are just to mention a few. Check out some of the top rated and best reviews from our recent guests.

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Best Restaurant in San Juan Puerto Rico 

Hotties Bar & Restaurant is known to be one of the best restaurants in Puerto Rico. The restaurant is an interesting and fascinating mixture of mouthwatering delicious fusion of traditional Puertorican cuisine, fresh caught seafood and steak house quality meat. Everything on the menu makes guests come back 2 and 3 times on a short trip. The dishes are served with a special touch of culinary style and the presentation is just as amazing as the taste. Another interesting dynamic is the well thought out menu, with new specials that are introduced each month. This continues to give this beach front restaurant even more to love.

These specials are international plates of food that has its roots from Brazil, Colombia, Asia, USA, Europe and the Middle East. Located in the one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico and San Juan, the restaurant is in Isla Verde and is about 5 to 10 minutes from Condado, Old San Juan, Convention Center, San Juan International Airport and Plaza Las Americas. It's lunch menu is perfect for busy travelers and the restaurant is always open late from 2am to 4am 7 days a and the restaurant is always open late from 2am to 4am 7 days a week.

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